Samstag, 26. November 2011

(Kind of?) Lush haul!

A few days ago, my sister and I went shopping, it was her first time going to lush EVER. She was super excited and got some very cool stuff. (I am obsessed with lush but I am on a "lush diet" right now because I am totally broke, so I only bough some gifts for my mum and my sister for xmas... but I have so much lush stuff on my christmas wishlist, so...) Oh, and lush has REALLY cute wrapping for soaps and the CUTEST bags right now!!! I love it...

And i love how the people who work there are always SO nice!! So, thank you girls for being so nice and helpful (even after we dropped a bathbomb on the floor and it broke, ooops c: )

The first thing she got was the "Sex bomb" bath bomb, which smells like rose and jasmin. Looks really nice and i think it is really relaxing.

Then she got the "Sunnyside" bubble bath, this is the prettiest thing EVVER because it is gold and glittery. It is supposed to smell like orange/ jasmin.
(Actually it looks a lot more glitter-y then it does in this picture.)

(I took the pictures of the bathbomb and the bubble bar from the website, i do not own them, all the rights go to lush)

The two soaps she got were "Porridge" (which surprisingly :) smells like real poridge and oat meal and works really well as a peeling for dry skin) and "Northern lights" which has a CRAZY colour and smells very, very fresh citrusy (maybe a little bit too citrusy for me but my sister loves it).
(This is "Porridge Soap", i got this picture from the website as well.)

(As you can see by the bad quality I took this picture myself :) *she says proudly*.)

And thats all she got, I am really proud of myself for going to a lush and not buying anything for myself :) I have no idea how I did this (eventhough I admit,that I kind of talked her into the porridge soap because I wanted to try it myself (: )!! So what is your favourite lush product? Leave comment and tell me. Btw, please subscribe and follow me on twitter, it would make my day!!
U know u love me, xoxo carogirl.

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