Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

Am i a brandwhore??

Hi, my mame is Anna-Carolina and i have an obsession with gorgeous, overly expenive designer handbags. Is it just me or does a handbag automatically get way more desirable once you see the price tag and see, that it is a) by a very great designer, b) worn by many celebrities, c) ridicilously overprized, and therfore d) 100% unavailable to me. Yes, i know it's kind of pathetic. The sad part is, that i would probably not look at it twice if it was a cheap knock-off. I care more about the idea, the Image, than the actual bag. It looks like i have become a -and i am sorry bu there is no other way to say it- Brandwhore. Which would not be such a bad thing if i was rich and able to afford any of the stuff i obsess over. But i am not, and i can't. I am not trying to make the readers of this post feel sorry for me at all because i know that technically, i have nothing to complain about. I am well aware that there are many people who have way, way less and struggle to survive. I know all of that. But being human, and i have to admit a rather materialistic person, i let myself be blinded by all things shiny and pretty.
But, let's return to handbags. Here is my top 5 list of bags (in no particular order) that i would probably kill for.

1) YSL "Roadie"
2) Stella McCartney "Fallabella"
3) Marc by Marc jacobs "Hillier Hobo Large"
4) Alexander Wang Rocko
5) Any bag by balenciaga that is black

Now, as I already mentioned, I am not able to purchase any of the above in my current situation of life. But, who knows what might happen? I just wonder if actually having the bag would make things boring. Like, would i take it for granted and find another even more expensive thing to dream about? Do we need dreams? Does actually achieving your dreams ruin your Imagination? Sort of? I don't know. I don't know if i'll ever find out... But just for now, all i have is my Imagination, cheap knock-offs and my blog, where i can write about things like this.

Sonntag, 22. September 2013

My dream (rant about me, myself and my future)

I have been thinking a lot about my future lately. Which makes perfect sense, since i am a senior in high school right now. Everyone around me is talking about going off to college and SATs and all that stuff. The thing with me is, that i never ever saw myself as a college student or anything like that.

In the last 4 years i have managed to figure out what i am intersted in. The first thing (pretty obvious, since i have a makeup and fashion blog and a beauty channel on youtube) is makeup. This is something i have loved ever since i was 12 years old. I guess it is just kind of magical to me how you can bring out a persons beauty by putting products on their face (if used properly) and how applying something as simple as mascara can make a person more confident. Which brings me to the second thing i am interested in: Psychology. How people work. How they tick. I have always been a rather introverted, shy person (even though most people in real life might disagree with me on that, since i have gotten pretty good at hiding it). I have also always been a huge observer. I love analizing people, and trying to find out why they do what they do, or how they think. Sometimes i even over-analize.

You know what i would really, really love to do? Give makeovers to young teenage girls. Teach them how to apply makeup that lets their natural beauty shine through. And yes i know how cheesy this sounds, but think about it: you see young girls daily, that pile on makeup to cover themselves up because they are not confident in their own body. Whenever i see a girl like that in public, all i want to do is hug her, tell her she is beautiful and show her how makeup can enhance her beauty, not make her look like a completely different person. But not just the makeup. I want to show young girls that no matter what anyone says (media e.g), they are amazing and beautiful and special even if they don't look like a victorias secet model. And what makes them different makes them special. That looking pretty is nice but that they are more than just a pretty face and body. And trust me, i have been there. I was that awkward, lanky 13 year old girl once that didn't like herself. And honestly, sometimes i still am. But aren't we all?

Now, i know what my dream is but i have NO idea how to get there. That has always been my biggest problem, i am a total dreamer but not a very practical person. I know i really need to figure out what i'll do next year but i am scared. Scared of how hard it might be. Scared that it won't work out anyway. Scared because i don't know whre to begin.

What about you? Do you have any dreams? What are they? Tell me in the comments!