Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

I won the Sigma Paris Palette!!!

I still can't believe this is real but i am one of the three winners of a makeup giveaway on youtube (Beautybaby44, she has a blog too, go check her out)! I recieved my price today. I got fair trade m&m chocolate, some nyx cosmetics makeup and for the main price the new and limited Paris Palette from Sigma.

This Palette was created by a bunch of Beauty Gurus on Youtube like Jen from FrmHeadToToe, MakeupByTiffanyD and Xparkage. It comes with 7 Eyeshadows, 2 Blushes, a Highlighter and 2 Makeup Brushes (a large angle contour brush and a flat shader brush).

I have to say i am very, very impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows. They are highly pigmented -even the matte colours- and very easy to apply and blend. The Blushes are very good quality as well even though i think they are a little bit too dark for my skin tone. As for the highlighter, it is not glittery or shimmery, it just adds a nice sheen to your face. The travel sized Brushes are  -obviously- really good quality.

And last but not least the Packaging: It is absolutely GORGEOUS. I love it.

And here are my three favourite Colours...


                                                                      Notre Dame


                                               Have a happy summer! XOXO Carolina

Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

My thoughts about Brandy Melville

When i was in Italy last week, I got to go to a Brandy Melville Store. Of course i was super duper excited! In the U.S. this Brand is already really popular and hyped about, however, we do not have this store in Austria, where i live. I have seen Stuff from there on tons of Blogs,, and in some fashion videos on youtube. Especially LoLuFullyLoaded (check out her blog, her Style I AH-MAZING) seems to like this brand a lot.
The way i would describe their Style is: Edgy, Fun, Young, A little bit of Prep, a little bit of Rock'n Roll.  I think the Reason this Store is popular with so many people is that it features very many different pieces for people with different styles. For instance, you will see a black skull bracelet right next to a preppy handbag or a cute girly dress.
Another thing that drew me in was the way the sore was decorated. There were many pictures on the wall and it was just overall SO IMPRESSIVE!
Since it is a little bit more expensive then other Stores i usuallly buy from, i only purchased one Item for the Fall (a blue and white striped hoodie with a high-low-hem).
Unfortunately i wasn't able to take any pictures but you can also check out the Brandy Melville Official Website if you are interested!

Yet another Polyvore Collage :)

Here is a polyvore collage that i created recently! I actually want to use it as my banner but i have no idea how... So if any of you know how to do that that would be AMAZING. Hahaha because obviously i am clouless :D
Tell me if you like it in the comments,

XX Carolina <3