Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

Dare to wear... Fur and leopard prints

I took this shot when i went to vienna a few days ago and i absolutely adore this girl's style <3 everything looks totally interesting (the mix between the fur, the leopard print and the big white bow)but is still matching. Also, clutches are going to be sooooo IN this season (i will do a blogpost about that soon).
What do you think? R U loving her style too?
Have a happy spring! XOXO caro <3

Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

My top 5 beauty must haves for spring:
1) Pastel nail polish, especially minty and lavender colours (Essie "Mint candy apple" and "To buy or not to buy").
2) Neon pink lips. (Bobbi Brown Lip clour in "Neon pink".
3) Prada infusion d'Iris perfume. It smells really fresh, kind of spicy and DELICIOUS.
4) Silver eyeshadow (Bobbi brown "Sparkle" Eyeshadow)
5) Bold blush! (Nars "Gayiety")

Freitag, 16. März 2012

XXS- Clutches???

Remember when last year, everyone was all about XXL? Handbags, sunglasses, bangles, hats, everything had to be HUGE. This spring, we are all about the complete opposite: XXS clutches are the new purses.
Since it was seen on all the the runways for this season, clearly alm the cheaper brands are copying them, which is gold for me :). I found some really cute ones in my favourite stores, they are also really affordable.


                                                                    (Street style)
What do you think about this trend?
Have a happy spring! XOXO caro <3

Mittwoch, 14. März 2012

Outfit of the Day (OOTD): Grey and feathers.

I  wanted to share my outfit of today with you. I really love how the lavender feathers look against the plain grey shirt. To finish it off, i combined it with classic skinny jeans and nude ballet flats.

Have a happy spring! Xoxo caro <3

Sonntag, 4. März 2012

My forever21 crushes for spring...

Yesterday, i went window shopping (well, basically i tried on a lot of stuff and took pictures) at forever21. I jut waned to share the few pieces i fell in love with. I can’t wait do do my spring shopping for this year! And (OMG!!) it is march already…


This bag reminds me of the iconic chanel bag a little bit. “Clutch-like” purses are so IN this season!

Don’t hesitate to add some *bling* to your outfit.

Oversize and taupe colour. Enough said.


J’aime this beautiful top with lace and a gorgeous pastell-y lavender colour!


We might have thought, that we are through with ripped clothing but this top is definetely HOT.


Have a happy spring! Xoxo carogirl

Nudes, pastels and mints…

I can not wait for spring! This season, it is all about mixing and matching powdery pastel shades with nudes and greys. These colours are classic and chic, but you can definetely make them more hip by adding some edgy accesoires like biker boots. It will also create a cool contrast.