Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

Maybelinne Colour Senstaional Lipstain- Review

I have been looking for a bright pink lip colour/gloss/stick lately, that stays on long enough and i finally found a resolution. I got this for Christmas from my friends (if you are reading this, i love you guuuyyyys :D) and i am sooo happy with this!! First of all it smells like rasberry, second the pink is purrrr-fect for me because it is a really festive colour for the holidays, and third: it stays on really long. It is super pigmented and i love that it feels really light! But i would recommend to wear a good chaptick on top because it has a water-y consistancy, which can be a little bit drying. And if you prefer a glossier finish, just wear a clear lipgloss over it.

Btw i got the shade "wink of pink"

Swatches... :)

So i would DEFINETELY recommend this product if you love makeup, then this is a MUST in you collection!!

(This was written with the lipstain!!! And yes i know i can't draw :D

Merry Christmas, you know you love me, xoxo carogirl <3

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

My favourite accesorizes for this season!!!

Do you know these accesorizes, that just light up your whole outfit and make it complete even if you are wearing something really boring? Some accesorizes seemto have magical powers to me... An outfit without any accesorizes is like a christmas tree without any decorations. It is nice too but decorating it is just much more fun!!! I am not saying, that you should overload your outfit with jewelery. The important thing is to find your favourite and unique accesorizes that fit you and your style well. Here i am going to show you my favourite trends at the moment... Enjoy ;)


My favourite ones are these two:

I am pretty sure you have already seen this one in at least on OOTT because i am wearing it sooooo much!! The colour just matches each of my outfits!

Yeeey i love loop scarfs!! Especially if they are in bright berry colours, they make me soooo happy!!! :D


My favourite necklace is this one:
I think i can savely say, that this was love on first sight. Saw it, fell in love, saw that it was on sale, bought it.

My favourite Earrings:
Yup, they have feathers. (Big surprise, huh?) But they are also chic and classic so i can wear them in the colder months too.

My favourite Ring:
If I was an anímal, i think i would be an owl. Seriously, they are my favourite animals! :) (Oh, did i forget to tell you that i am in love with that ring?)

Aaaaaand now my favourite part...

It was for me choosing on pair, since i am actually a girl, that tends to wear flats (mainly because i am so tall). These shoes are just all i ever wanted (sounds cheesy?) but really!

  • Grey? Check!
  • Wedges? Check!
  • Comfortable to walk in? Check!
  • Lace- up boots? -Check!
  • Absolutely gorgeous? Check!!!
  • On sale? :) Check!
Ok now you know why i love these shoes so much (just in case you are blind and can not see their awesomeness.) :D
U know u love my, xoxo carogirl <3

Samstag, 26. November 2011

(Kind of?) Lush haul!

A few days ago, my sister and I went shopping, it was her first time going to lush EVER. She was super excited and got some very cool stuff. (I am obsessed with lush but I am on a "lush diet" right now because I am totally broke, so I only bough some gifts for my mum and my sister for xmas... but I have so much lush stuff on my christmas wishlist, so...) Oh, and lush has REALLY cute wrapping for soaps and the CUTEST bags right now!!! I love it...

And i love how the people who work there are always SO nice!! So, thank you girls for being so nice and helpful (even after we dropped a bathbomb on the floor and it broke, ooops c: )

The first thing she got was the "Sex bomb" bath bomb, which smells like rose and jasmin. Looks really nice and i think it is really relaxing.

Then she got the "Sunnyside" bubble bath, this is the prettiest thing EVVER because it is gold and glittery. It is supposed to smell like orange/ jasmin.
(Actually it looks a lot more glitter-y then it does in this picture.)

(I took the pictures of the bathbomb and the bubble bar from the website, i do not own them, all the rights go to lush)

The two soaps she got were "Porridge" (which surprisingly :) smells like real poridge and oat meal and works really well as a peeling for dry skin) and "Northern lights" which has a CRAZY colour and smells very, very fresh citrusy (maybe a little bit too citrusy for me but my sister loves it).
(This is "Porridge Soap", i got this picture from the website as well.)

(As you can see by the bad quality I took this picture myself :) *she says proudly*.)

And thats all she got, I am really proud of myself for going to a lush and not buying anything for myself :) I have no idea how I did this (eventhough I admit,that I kind of talked her into the porridge soap because I wanted to try it myself (: )!! So what is your favourite lush product? Leave comment and tell me. Btw, please subscribe and follow me on twitter, it would make my day!!
U know u love me, xoxo carogirl.

Freitag, 18. November 2011

School style: (Duffle)coats and boots!!!

Both, coats and boots are super classy and a must have for the fall/winter time!!! Here are three stilish looks i just HAD to post :D

 (My first model is GRETE) This is a classic dufflecoat, i love how the yellow gloves match the navy blue of the coat, the boots are trés chic!!
(Model number two is JOSI) Technically, that coat is not a duffle coat, but it is cute and classic, the striped bag makes it more interesting, and the brown boots look amazing!

(This is me, the dufflecoat is from H&M), i love that it is fitted and grey is my favourite colour for fall btw :)

U know u love me, xoxo carogirl (and a huge thank u to my gorgeous models!!!)

Dienstag, 8. November 2011

Maybelline blush review!

I got this a couple days ago because i had a giftcard for my local drugstore and i have always been wanting to try this blush. I am obsessed with blush by the way :).
The first thing i can say about this product is, that it is not very pigmented, it's more kind of translucent, but maybe thats because i got the lightest colour. I would describe the "rose" colour as a light peachy pink with a tiny bit of shimmer. It doesnt add much colour but it is good to mix with blushes and bronzers, that are getting too dark for me in the fall/winter time.

The only downside to it is, that the price was around 10 euros; which i think is a little bit overprized for a drugstore blush.
I took a few pictures...

(Btw i love that it comes with a cute little brush ;)
U know u love me, xoxo carogirl <3

Samstag, 5. November 2011

October Favourites!!

Aaaaaand here are: My October Favourites!!! I just wanted to show you guys the beauty products and random things, that i have been loving this month. Sorry if this is a little late :) i totally forgot about it!!

  • "Colossal Volume Express Mascara" from Maybelline

If you follow me on twitter, the you probably know, that this is my all time favourite mascara, better then all the high-end ones i have tried! It makes my lashes long, curled and voloumus!
  • "Facettes d'or highlighter" from Chanel

A gold shimmery highlighter with a little bit of glitter. I really love this one because it looks very natural on my skin tone, it is not too shiny but it gives a nice golden sheen.
  • "Glam shine cristals lip gloss" from L'oreal

Just a beautiful berry-stained lipgloss, that is super super shiny. I really like the taste of it. (Dont worry, i am not eating it :) it has a really fruity scent...) Berry colours are totally IN for fall btw!!!
  • "Wanted stellars gloss" from Helena Rubinstein

Yes, another gold shimmery item :)I have had this for such a long time but i never really wore it because i thouht it would look too pale on my lips. But i have to say: Ah-mazing!!! It is super pretty and not too light for me at all!!
It also makes my lips look a little bit bigger because it is so shimmery and it doesnt look yellow-ish at all, it just gives shine and a little bit of glitter.
  • Infusion d'Iris Perfume from Prada
  • For fall, i personally prefer spicy and frsh scents. So i really love this perfume. I cant really describe it but it smells really pepper-y and fresh. Umm yeah :) i hope you get what i mean...
  • "S'more candle" from Bath and Body Works

If you follow me on twitter then you know, how exited i was when i got his yesterday! I ordered it online and it is kind of a miracle that i could, because bath and body works does not ship to austria and germany :( so i checked (german amazon) and there it was!! It was the only B&BW candle they and and there was only one more item in stock! Anyway i am sooo happy with this, it smell like marshmallows, dark chocolate and sweet graham crackers! <3
  • Ultra Control Deep Masque from Matrix+

This is a european brand, i just discovered it and i absolutely LOVE it!!! I have pretty dry hair, so especially now, that it gets golder outside, i have to add so much moisturize to my hair! This masc straightens my hair and makes it soft, silky and shiny!

Some random things...
  • Vampire Diaries

I never watched this show before because i thought, that it was just the same as Twilght.  At the beginning of fall, i started watching it, just because i was curious. Now i am done with season one and two and all the episodes from season 3 that are out yet and super exited for next weeks episode!!!!! Team Delena :D (means Damon and Elena)
  • "Salt and vinegar chips" from Walker
I have always loved them but now i am OBSESSED with 'em! I know they are not really healthy but i just cant help it :).

U know u love me, xoxo carogirl <3

Mittwoch, 2. November 2011

Outfit of the day: "Baby, it's cold outside!"

Today it is freezing outside, so i decided to wear something very cozy and warm. If you know me, then you know that i love wearing pastels and neutral colours. This is just a really casual look, that i think looks cute and is also wearable. (Sorry for the bad quality, i took the pictures with my phone.)

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Zara
Cardigan: Zara
Boots: EMU
Scarf: Second hand

U know u love me, xoxo carogirl <3