Samstag, 5. November 2011

October Favourites!!

Aaaaaand here are: My October Favourites!!! I just wanted to show you guys the beauty products and random things, that i have been loving this month. Sorry if this is a little late :) i totally forgot about it!!

  • "Colossal Volume Express Mascara" from Maybelline

If you follow me on twitter, the you probably know, that this is my all time favourite mascara, better then all the high-end ones i have tried! It makes my lashes long, curled and voloumus!
  • "Facettes d'or highlighter" from Chanel

A gold shimmery highlighter with a little bit of glitter. I really love this one because it looks very natural on my skin tone, it is not too shiny but it gives a nice golden sheen.
  • "Glam shine cristals lip gloss" from L'oreal

Just a beautiful berry-stained lipgloss, that is super super shiny. I really like the taste of it. (Dont worry, i am not eating it :) it has a really fruity scent...) Berry colours are totally IN for fall btw!!!
  • "Wanted stellars gloss" from Helena Rubinstein

Yes, another gold shimmery item :)I have had this for such a long time but i never really wore it because i thouht it would look too pale on my lips. But i have to say: Ah-mazing!!! It is super pretty and not too light for me at all!!
It also makes my lips look a little bit bigger because it is so shimmery and it doesnt look yellow-ish at all, it just gives shine and a little bit of glitter.
  • Infusion d'Iris Perfume from Prada
  • For fall, i personally prefer spicy and frsh scents. So i really love this perfume. I cant really describe it but it smells really pepper-y and fresh. Umm yeah :) i hope you get what i mean...
  • "S'more candle" from Bath and Body Works

If you follow me on twitter then you know, how exited i was when i got his yesterday! I ordered it online and it is kind of a miracle that i could, because bath and body works does not ship to austria and germany :( so i checked (german amazon) and there it was!! It was the only B&BW candle they and and there was only one more item in stock! Anyway i am sooo happy with this, it smell like marshmallows, dark chocolate and sweet graham crackers! <3
  • Ultra Control Deep Masque from Matrix+

This is a european brand, i just discovered it and i absolutely LOVE it!!! I have pretty dry hair, so especially now, that it gets golder outside, i have to add so much moisturize to my hair! This masc straightens my hair and makes it soft, silky and shiny!

Some random things...
  • Vampire Diaries

I never watched this show before because i thought, that it was just the same as Twilght.  At the beginning of fall, i started watching it, just because i was curious. Now i am done with season one and two and all the episodes from season 3 that are out yet and super exited for next weeks episode!!!!! Team Delena :D (means Damon and Elena)
  • "Salt and vinegar chips" from Walker
I have always loved them but now i am OBSESSED with 'em! I know they are not really healthy but i just cant help it :).

U know u love me, xoxo carogirl <3

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