Dienstag, 8. November 2011

Maybelline blush review!

I got this a couple days ago because i had a giftcard for my local drugstore and i have always been wanting to try this blush. I am obsessed with blush by the way :).
The first thing i can say about this product is, that it is not very pigmented, it's more kind of translucent, but maybe thats because i got the lightest colour. I would describe the "rose" colour as a light peachy pink with a tiny bit of shimmer. It doesnt add much colour but it is good to mix with blushes and bronzers, that are getting too dark for me in the fall/winter time.

The only downside to it is, that the price was around 10 euros; which i think is a little bit overprized for a drugstore blush.
I took a few pictures...

(Btw i love that it comes with a cute little brush ;)
U know u love me, xoxo carogirl <3

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