Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

TAG: Whats in my purse???

I love reading "whats in my purse" blog posts and watching "whats in my purse" videos on youtube! So why not do a blog post about it? (even though i never really got tagged) :) My purse is from mango. So thats whats in my handbag...

-2 packs of 5 gum (i am in addicted to 5 gum!!)
-Silver wallet with cute flowers <3
-Lip-shaped pink Post it sticky notes
-2 Juicy tube lip glosses ("toffe r&b" and "fraise")
-2 Sisley phyto star lip glosses
-Blistex lil balm
-Mini-brush with mirror
-Lilly pulitzer agenda from glityglam
-Little note book (for my ToDo lists and stuff...)
-Glitter pens
-L'occitane "green tea solid perfume" (smells soooo amazing!)
-Cell phone with pink case (that is not on the picture right now because i am taking the picture with my cell phone :) its a samsung galaxy s btw.)
-Yellow iPod nano with headphones
-Bobby pins with a hair tye wrapped around)
-Pink highliter
-Umbrella (Zara)
-Hello kitty chapstick (cherry flavoured)

Soooo i guess thats whats in my handbag... Leave a comment and tell me whats in YOUR purse!!! :)

U know u love me, xoxo carogirl <3

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