Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011

All i want for christmas... Is LUSH!!! My wishlist...

One reason i really love the fall and winter season, is because every year, the lush holiday/christmas collection comes out and every year they have amazing stuff...I want want want every single item from this years collection!!! So i put together a little wishlist for christmas with the products i really want to try out (And yes, i know its not even november yett but i just cant wait for christmas!)

"Snow Fairy" shower gel (It is pink, it glitters and it smells like candy. SOLD!!!) :)


"Snow Fairy" lip tint. New for this year and is a pink candy flavoured lip balm from the ah-mazing "Snow fairy" collection.                          

"Candy cane" soap. Omgeee it looks just like candy cane and smells like... well... candy.

"Candy mountains" bubble bath. Looks cute and smells like -guess what- CANDY!!! Yeah, as you can probably tell, i am pretty much into candy scented things ;)

"Magical wand" bubble bath. Omgosh, I almoust fainted when i saw this double-cute magical wand (It has a little bell too!!!) Seriously. Is'nt this the cutest thing EVER??? (And, yes it smells like candy too.)

"Twilight" bath bomb. Its from their permanent collection and my all time
favourite bath bomb. It smells like... (haha, not candy) lavender. (Another scent that i LOVE btw.)

We'll see if my wishes come true...
U know u love me, xoxo carogirl <3

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  1. Love! Love!! Love!!! LOVE!!!!
    Lush ist das genialste das es gibt =] Alleine schon der Duft wenn man an dem Store vorbei geht ist einfach nur unglaublich =]
    Tolle Sachen die du da ausgesucht hast =)

    Küsschen Sara