Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

September and October favorites!!!!

I just love it when it gets cold outside, the leaves change and it gets cozy and warm inside! Here are my fashion and beauty september/october favorites! Enjoy :)

- "Honey Lust lustre eyeshadow" by MAC
I love this glittery bronze Eyeshadow!!! Great for everyday casual make up, or for bronze smokey eyes...

- "Take the greyhound" Kohl Kajal von Catrice
I have wanted to by a grey kajal for such a long time and i finally did it!! :) i like this one because it is soft and pigmented...

- "Revitalising candle" by Green&Spring <3
OMG i am totally adicted to the scent of this candle, smells kinda relaxing... (a mix between rosemary, spearmint and peppermint), mayby i am going to do a full blog post on the amazing brand Green&Spring...

- "Its raining men" Duschgel by Lush
A classic fall must-have!!! Smells like honey and gingerbread to me... <3

- My cozy, cuddely Hat from Forever21
Keeps my ears warm and is in trend-colour PURPLE!!!!

- Feather earrings (by H&M und Forever21)
Even if this trend is a little last season (spring/ summer), i just cant let go of my beloved feathers :) 

-Destroyed Jeans (this one is by Zara)
I guess they are just kind of my signature things...

My Fall- Favorite at Starbucks: "Hazelnut Hot Chocolate". Warms me up when its freezing outside and is soooooo delicious!!
U know u love me, xoxo carogirl

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