Montag, 12. November 2012

My wishlist for this season!!!

Here is my wishlist for fall! I included Fashion, beauty and one random thing... Enjoy!

Ear cuff/ Ear chain

I am not quite sure about the official name of this thing but i LOVE how it looks and i really need to get one. The best part: you only need one, not two ear piercings for it.

A grey/silver wildfox Heart Jumper

Yes, i know that this is one of the things on my wishlist that is going to remain just that- a wish (since the wildfox jumpers are really, really pricey). Still. I have heard good things about the quality and I LOVE how they look, *sigh*. Oh, did I mention, that Taylor Swift (who is my favorite person EVER) has one of these too?

Short Grey Ugg's

It is starting to get really cold where I live and I want to keep my toes warm and toasty. And from what i have heard, Ugg's are the warmest and most comfortable shoes on this planet. I especially like the short grey ones, I think they will look really good with dark wash skinny jeans and jeggings. But to be honest the only thing i can afford right now are FUggs (Fake Uggs). Still, you never know when a good fairy is going to tell you you've got three wishes. I mean, it could always happen, right? So you better be prepared! :)

Urban Decay Naked2

A few years ago, Urban Decay came out with an eyeshadow palette featuring 12 full size neutral shades. They called it the "Naked Palette. Last year, they released another version of this palette with more cool toned colors and called it the "Naked 2" Palette. I already own the first one and use the heck out of it. So, naturally i am very curious for the second one and I can not wait to try it. I am just not sure if i need both... Oh well :)

OPI "You glitter be good to me"

Since October is breast cancer awareness month OPI came out with this gorgous pink nail polish and is going to donate a lot of money for the cure of breast cancer. And you guys know I just can't resist glittery sparkly nail polish, especially in the colder months.

Bath and Body Works Candles

If you live in the USA and have access to this amazing store, i hope you know how lucky you are. I wish i could try some of their scented candles, since i love burning yummy smelling candles in the fall. Unluckily their website does not ship to europe :(. The one that i want to try most "Salted Caramel".


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